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MyKidsCloset.com is a place for moms and dads (and grandparents too!) to quickly and easily buy and sell their kids items.

Just looking? Make sure you create a free account and list what you want in the "Wanted" Category.

All listings are free, unless you want to spice them up as Featured, Highlighted, and Bolded listings.

Have a question? First read the Frequently Asked Questions below and if you still need to reach us, use the handy form below.

If you are asking a question that's already answered below, you will get a very short reply :) If I haven't answered it, then you'll get a reply and if it is a common question I'll update this list for future readers.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • What is this site about?
    • It's a classified ad site for moms, dads, cyber-grannies and granddads, and other care givers and deal hunters who are looking to buy and sell their new and used kids items.Who is behind MyKidsCloset?
  • Who is behind MyKidsCloset.com?
    • Peter Koning is the owner and operator of this site. He purchased it from the founders Peggy Harris and Patsy Barnes in January 2009, as it was going to be shutdown and he saw a need to continue the service it offers moms and dads looking to buy and sell their kids and baby stuff. The site was stripped down, repainted, and upgraded so that the costs were reduced and revenue increased to continue it's viability.
  • How does it work?
    • You register for free and then you are able to place ads on the site.
    • There are free ads or you can choose to pay a small upcharge to have your ad stand out in the premium section, bolded, and with more photos.
    • Premium ads are suggested for higher value items and can get 5-10 times the views and therefore a higher chance of finding buyers. For example there was recently a featured/premium ad for a Graco bassinet that in just 1 week had 100 views.
  • How do I buy an item?
    • Members of the site simply contact each other to make the deals using the built-in private message system - if you are local then no need to ship just meet and make your deal happen.
    • Basically you contact the member associated with the listing you see. You need to be a member in order to contact other members, but it's free to register.
    • Once you're in touch w/ the member just make your deal with them - it's like a regular classified ad system you might find in the newspaper... but who reads that anymore?
  • How do I sell some stuff?
    • Assuming it's related to kids and baby items, you simply register and post your listing.
    • Listings are fee but if you want to get more views then pay a small upcharge to get a featured listing.
    • Members who are interested will contact you and make the deal, as explained above re "how to buy"
    • Some of our members are doing this to earn extra money part time.
  • My Photo Won't Upload
    • Each listing is allowed 1 free photo
    • The site has disk space limits and with today's cameras, people are getting HUGE file sizes on their pictures. Pictures not less than 2Mb file size will not be accepted and you will get some weird error message.
    • To reduce the file size of your picture reduce the image size to e.g. 100x100 pixels. It will still look ok on the site and you'll sell more stuff with faster loading images, so don't fret :)
  • What about shipping?
    • It's up to you how you want to arrange shipping. Usually it's best to find out where the buyer and shipper are located (if you're listing something to sell then it's a good idea to put your zip code in the description) and then quote shipping extra.
  • What about payment?
    • The MyKidsCloset.com site doesn't get involved in the transactions of the items themselves. I suggest you use paypal as it's pretty secure and commonly used on ebay and other online stores.
  • Isn't this like ebay?
    • No - ebay takes a fee for the completion of your deal and gets more involved in the payment for the items. MKC leaves that to you, so you get 100% of the payment (minus whatever paypal takes etc.).
  • I used to have an account on the "old" MyKidsCloset site - what happened?
    • As of January 2009 we switched the site over to this new system. All old accounts were wiped out due to the high cost you would have had to pay to migrate your old listings. Moving forward, simply join for free and place new ads for whatever you are now selling or want to buy.
  • How does MyKidsCloset.com make money?
    • We just make a little money from the premium ads and advertising on the site itself. We also send out offers to our members now and then, and we promise not to spam you but in any case you can always unsubscribe from our email list.
  • I just saw some scammy looking posting. What should I do?
    • Report it to us please - use the form below.
  • Where do my ads show?
    • They'll appear here on the site, in all the major search engines, and we also will post your ad for free on twitter, as people are searching twitter more and more for information too. Our twitter page link is below.
    • ** NEW FOR 2009/2010 ** YOUR ADS WILL NOW SHOW ON 250 partner sites like Oodle, AOL, MySpace, and Facebook at no extra charge!
  • My ad isn't showing - why not?
    • Most likely you didn't complete the CHECKOUT process. Even if it's a FREE ad, you need to confirm all the way through. If it's FREE you won't be required to pay, but you do need to CHECKOUT.
  • I am trying to advertise an iphone for $300 so I can scam your members - why do the words look funny?
    • Well, for one thing this site isn't for you and if you try advertise non-kids items then my anti-spamtastic system will change the wording of your ads so e.g. "great deal on an iphone" will get translated to "great deal on an crappy scammy phone" so don't waste your time.
    • And even if you manage to get your listing to show, some of the members will report you and the listing will get blown up in hours and you'll be banned for life.
    • Suggestion: Go to Craigslist where your audience is bigger and may fall for your iphone offer. Smart moms and dads on this site just won't bother with you. It's a time .vs return on investment thing - you need to figure it out.
  • Do you twitter?
  • I don't have kids stuff but have my own site and noticed you have some text links on the home page. How can I buy a text link ad on your site?
    • Use the contact form below for all advertising enquiries


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